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Who we are

Who we are

Die Afrikaanse Taalmuseum en –monument (ATM), also known as The Afrikaans Language Museum and Monument, is situated in Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa. The ATM is a semi-state, non-profit institution. The museum and our administrative office are in Pastorie Avenue and the monument is on Paarl Mountain.

By virtue of the powers bestowed on him by section 3 of the previous Cultural Institutions Act, 1969 (Act 29 of 1969), the then Minister of Education declared the ATM Paarl as an institution which falls under the terms of that Act with effect from 1 June 1977. Since then the Cultural Institutions Act of 1969 has been replaced by the Cultural Institutions Act, 1998 (Act 119 of 1998). The ATM receives an annual subsidy from the Department of Arts and Culture.

The ATM is a public entity managed by a council  - appointed by the national Department of Arts and Culture. The council members are:
Prof Mashige Mashudu
Prof Wannie Carstens
Prof Abner Nyamende
Dr Janis Grobbelaar
Prof Steward van Wyk
Dr Donovan Lawrence
Prof Elvis Saal

Meet our personnel

The vision of the ATM is to operate the national Afrikaans language museum and monument in such a manner that Afrikaans may be respected and appreciated to its full extent and as inclusively as possible.

The mission of the ATM is to:

  1. build relationships with all South Africans through the medium of Afrikaans and in the context of multilingualism
  2. collect and conserve relevant material and information related to the origin and development of Afrikaans
  3. conduct research that would deepen and broaden existing knowledge about Afrikaans
  4. portray the origin, development, benefit and expansion of Afrikaans; thereby stimulating visitor interaction
  5. give exposure to the different facets of Afrikaans by means of lectures and publications
  6. promote and stimulate Afrikaans nationwide at all levels of society, for example by offering educational programmes, guided tours and cultural activities
  7. manage the ATM on sound financial principles and strive for its independent economic management
  8. increase the number of visitors and generate funds
  9. maintain the ATM’s culture-historical buildings and heritage sites and the heritage of Afrikaans for the benefit of visitors
  10. liaise and enter into partnerships with relevant institutions.


  1. The ATM strives for the welfare of Afrikaans in South African society.
  2. In this spirit we aim to encourage and support Afrikaans, particularly among the youth and non-mother tongue speakers.
  3. We endeavour to bring about mutual respect between Afrikaans and other indigenous languages by, inter alia, acknowledging the mutual influence of different languages on each other.
  4. We strive always to proceed frankly and transparently.
  5. High standards are maintained in the educational presentations to learners and other visitor groups.
  6. Great stress is laid on operating within the framework of the relevant legislation and the requisite rules and policies.
  7. To survive and to flourish and at the same time to maintain a high standard of work performance, we strive for a high degree of integrity, trustworthiness, transparency and professionalism as essentials for our staff.





Taalmonument: tel +27(0)21 863 4809/0543 Taalmuseum: tel +27(0)21 872 3441